I just found a... Manifesto

I wrote this a couple of years ago on the bus from Highbury (home) to Somerset House (the studio) on a rare day back in London (I was commuting to Newcastle for work at the time) - I'm not sure I completely agree with it all - but some of it very much rings true.


I’m too comfortable : A manifesto for a bus ride­­­


Designed ‘objects’ penetrate all areas of life - therefore designed ‘objects’ can carry commentary to penetrate public consciousness.


Designed ‘objects’ can amplify the thoughts and messages of the brightest minds on the planet.


People know how to read signs, symbols and everyday objects - so use them.


Design is a tool of capitalism. Acknowledge that. It’s a strength and a weakness.


Take up issues you believe in and follow through.


Aim to reach the general public.


Disruption creates change -

disruption can cause discomfort -

this is your playground.



FLY 03.05.12

Objective Mirror and other digital doodles

The objective mirror allows the viewer to see themselves reflected within precious and hugely desirable objects. I was interested in what happens when the viewers image actually forms the surface of a faceted object and what better to try it out with than a diamond.

The two way mirror allows you to view the user through the glass with a hi-res webcam and then map their image onto a digital faceted diamond, which appear on the surface of the mirror.

The piece was commisioned by Gallery Fumi. 

At the time I was playing alot with the files that create the faceted diamond and would love to revisit it sometime.


celebrity and personal souvenir mashup

I've always loved souvenir's particularly the old "my dad went o London and all he got me was this lousy T-shirt" type stuff. Just personal enough for your dad to by, but broad enough for an oxford street shop to bother stocking.

After visiting one of these stores (which incidentally used to be William Morris's shop) I started thinking about the the logical ends you can take this stuff. How broad could a souvenir become? or how personal?

Here's the broadest offering - thanks to Marc Owens for the copy


Then on the highly personalised versions, I turned to some precarious links to my favourite artist...