Popeye Collective | Plant-based dinner #03

Popeye Collective | Plant-based dinner #03

Discussions from Dinner #03:

  • The power of the dairy lobby - banning Oatly in Sweden from using language that is just the truth!

  • If you add a V to the beginning or a Z to the end of your product - you have yourself a vegan brand

  • 80’s vibes at the event and appeared to suit ideology of the early 20’s crowd. There is something in there about the 80’s, escapism and entitlement. I want my junk food, my environmental views met, and Don Johnson’s speed boat.

  • How few of the food stands actually knew what was in their food - as long as it’s not meat no need to know!!!

  • The balance between meat substitutes vs quality animal product free food - Vegan Nights food more a celebration of meat substitutes than representative of broader vegan diet.

  • Trendy novelty vs ideology. Evidenced by how premium the event was, in terms of energy usage - no animals had to be reared to make any of it yet the cost was as high as if they had.

  • Would meat eaters not be better won over by affordable, delicious, copious amounts of food rather than overpriced poor facsimiles of meat…

Popeye Collective | Plant-based dinner #02

Popeye Collective | Plant-based dinner #02

Discussions from Dinner #02:

  • Inevitability of plant based diets due to market forces and economics - product producers / restauranteurs who make better margins

  • Liberalism = new religion

  • tyranny of a minority - everyone can eat vegan so it becomes the default.

  • Associations we make with certain terms/language

    • ‘transitioning’ to Veganism, and ‘coming out’ to parents about it. The language of sexual identity used for dietary identity

  • seeing the framing and cultural arguments between veg and meat eaters more in terms of a battle to resolve identity as one idea of self has to die and be replaced by another.

  • What can we learn from existing cultures who have regularly eaten plant-based forever (ital / Ethiopian)

  • Exploring groups of people who live radically different lives because that might be what is needed and understanding why we currently dislike ‘others’ but there might be things we can learn from them (ie Hasidic Jews and travellers)

Starting conversations - Plant-based

Starting conversations - Plant-based

Discussions from Dinner #01:

  • Cannibalism as the far end of the eating scale.

  • Veganism and food trends as a new form of elitism.

  • Extreme anger and ridicule at plant based / vegan diet from meat eaters.

  • Is it possible to be interested in plant-based diets and not care about / be driven by animal wellbeing.

  • The language of meat and how it is applied to non-meat products.

  • Easy / everyday plant-based meals and how to turn ‘sides’ into ‘mains’.

  • As an ‘ethically’ motivated vegetarian is it intellectually corrupt to consume dairy?