Popeye Collective | Plant-based dinner #02


Popeye collective hosted its second plant-based dinner on 27th September at the amazing Andu Cafe. We ate delicious vegan Ethiopian and drank great Austrian wines from Newcomer wines down the road.

Discussions from Dinner #02:

  • Inevitability of plant based diets due to market forces and economics - product producers / restauranteurs who make better margins

  • Liberalism = new religion

  • tyranny of a minority - everyone can eat vegan so it becomes the default.

  • Associations we make with certain terms/language

    • ‘transitioning’ to Veganism, and ‘coming out’ to parents about it. The language of sexual identity used for dietary identity

  • seeing the framing and cultural arguments between veg and meat eaters more in terms of a battle to resolve identity as one idea of self has to die and be replaced by another.

  • What can we learn from existing cultures who have regularly eaten plant-based forever (ital / Ethiopian)

  • Exploring groups of people who live radically different lives because that might be what is needed and understanding why we currently dislike ‘others’ but there might be things we can learn from them (ie Hasidic Jews and travellers)