Popeye Collective | Plant-based dinner #03


Popeye collective hosted its third plant-based dinner on 1st November 2018 at the extraordinary Vegan Nights event/party. We ate a variety of meat replacement proteins, coated in delicious seasoning, we watched the people and we were generally gob-smacked!

Discussions from Dinner #03:

  • The power of the dairy lobby - banning Oatly in Sweden from using language that is just the truth!

  • If you add a V to the beginning or a Z to the end of your product - you have yourself a vegan brand

  • 80’s vibes at the event and appeared to suit ideology of the early 20’s crowd. There is something in there about the 80’s, escapism and entitlement. I want my junk food, my environmental views met, and Don Johnson’s speed boat.

  • How few of the food stands actually knew what was in their food - as long as it’s not meat no need to know!!!

  • The balance between meat substitutes vs quality animal product free food - Vegan Nights food more a celebration of meat substitutes than representative of broader vegan diet.

  • Trendy novelty vs ideology. Evidenced by how premium the event was, in terms of energy usage - no animals had to be reared to make any of it yet the cost was as high as if they had.

  • Would meat eaters not be better won over by affordable, delicious, copious amounts of food rather than overpriced poor facsimiles of meat…