Signs of Life is the longest showing digital artwork at MoMa!

I have just had an amazing call with the digital conservation team at MoMa, where my piece Signs of Life is in the permanent collection and has now been been on show for the last xx years!

They took the chance during the recent re-hang of the design galleries, to have a look inside the piece and check in with me what should happen if any of the bits of hardware were to break... ie what actually constitutes the artwork, and from a conservation point of view how can they maintain what an interactive digital artwork built in 2009 would have looked like, when their future colleagues come to take a look in say 50-100 years time. Fascinating stuff, and another delightful reminder of how exciting it is to have some work in such an important and well cared for collection.

They also let me know that to their knowledge Signs of Life is the piece of digital art/design that has been on show at MoMa for the longest period to date, which was amazing to hear and totally inspiring to get back to creating my own works again.

Below is the original film I made of the first prototype at the RCA show, an links to the Moma collection and blog about the acquisition of the piece.

By animating the stationary running man we see every day and usually ignore, Yauner gives the exit sign a life of its own and challenges the viewer to notice and observe ordinary objects.