Starting conversations - Plant-based

On the 10th Jan I hosted a conversation with a range of food industry professionals and artists and designers. There was no agenda, other than a topic of plant-based food.  The amazing Marksman pub in Hackney hosted us in there atmospheric private dinning room - and round a delightfully wonky Martino Gamper table the conversation, wine and delicious veggie feast flowed.

Discussions from Dinner #01:

  • Cannibalism as the far end of the eating scale.

  • Veganism and food trends as a new form of elitism.

  • Extreme anger and ridicule at plant based / vegan diet from meat eaters.

  • Is it possible to be interested in plant-based diets and not care about / be driven by animal wellbeing.

  • The language of meat and how it is applied to non-meat products.

  • Easy / everyday plant-based meals and how to turn ‘sides’ into ‘mains’.

  • As an ‘ethically’ motivated vegetarian is it intellectually corrupt to consume dairy?

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