The Popeye Collective’s mission is to create a conversation on the impending human and planetary crisis, which people will genuinely care about.  This is not a vegan mission, but a human one, focusing on diet.

The Popeye Collective is a shared ideology of creating change through radical cultural works which will shift habits, and instigate action into your everyday diet.


Human and planetary crisis - a solution

Problem A: Climate change is wreaking havoc and we have a long-term health epidemic looming - all this while the global population keeps ballooning.

It’s almost too big to care about, leading to a sense of helplessness  - where do we start?

Solution A: The United Nations, Oxford University and the EAT Lancet foundation now all agree that avoiding meat and dairy is the single biggest way to reduce your impact on Earth and allow us to feed our growing population.

Simply put, eating less meat and dairy and more plants will result in improved human health and reduced global warming.

But to shift habits and instigate action we need new culture

Problem B: This simple solution to eat more plants is far from easy to implement. Evidence, politics and commercial incentives are being worked on, but;

Hundreds of years of human culture, tradition and habits means changing diet is incredibly difficult to do.

Solution B: To unpick cultures we need new culture. Radical cultural interventions that start new conversations.

Creating space for people to reconsider personal habits and cultures.


We’re asking ourselves whether art and culture can drive people to eat more plants?