Popeye Collective’s mission is to create a conversation on the impending human and planetary crisis, which people will genuinely care about.  This is not a vegan mission, but a human one, focusing on diet.

We now know that eating less meat and dairy and more plants is the single biggest way individuals can reduce their impact on Earth and allow us to feed our growing population.

But hundreds of years of human culture and habits means changing diet is incredibly difficult to do.

To change cultures we need new culture.

Popeye Collective will be a catalyst for cultural responses by bringing artists and experts together to eat and talk.

Popeye Collective will create change through radical cultural works that shift habits and instigate action into your everyday diet.

Pickle & Grind

Public condiment making factory as art. Putting vegetables at the centre of your plate. Spice Mix developed by Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich of Honey & Co, especially for Popeye Collective. 

Experience the joy of collective cooking. Fill the streets of Westmister with the intoxicating smells of spice.

Collective (www.tate.org - DADA, Pop, The Independent Group) - 2018

Collective (www.tate.org - DADA, Pop, The Independent Group) - 2018

We’re building a collective of artists, theorists and food people who eat together - celebrating delicious plants - laughing, questioning, probing and driving thoughts in new ambitious, subversive, unexpected directions.

Themes and ideas generated within the collective become catalysts for radical cultural interventions that start new public conversations. Creating space for people to reconsider personal habits and cultures.

We’re asking ourselves can culture - and the artists who create it - be a social catalyst and drive us to eat more plants?

Get involved?

  1. Eat with us

    Are you curious about what we’re doing and think you could enrich the conversation? Join the collective. Our regular dinners happen on the second Thursday of each month (13th June, 11th July, etc). 7:30pm @ Andu Cafe (£10pp BYOB) and drinks after @Newcomer wines

  2. Host a meal

    Are you a chef or restauranteur, could you cook us a plant-based feast that drives new conversations? We’d love to hear from you.

  3. Fund new works

    Are you interested in giving vital new cultures opportunities to exist and grow? We have ideas big and small and would welcome conversations with private and public funders.

  4. Help us reach new publics

    Could you help amplify our works and ideas? Or provide a space (physical or digital) for them to reach more people? We’d love to hear from journalists, influencers, venues - why don’t you come for dinner? (see point one👆)