What I'm looking at

Currently exploring three opportunities:

1. Image series: Sets of photo's that depict the artist in set-ups that exploit the best potential of the mask. Including a series that explores colour and one that uses the mask to explore edges of natural and un-natural territories in cities.

2. Happening / event: Looking for opportunities to host events where all guests are where mirrored masks. This could include site specific programmes, dinner / salon event or a walking tour of a relevant area of the city or countryside.

3. Borders / Edges project: A longer term proposal to use the mask as a human way to explore borders across the world. Using simple constructs to create powerful happenings and images that explore contentious geographical borders, extraordinary natural phenomena and edges that depict mans impact on the world as defined by the age of the Anthropocene.


Objective Diamond

Developing my objective mirror work to be a stand alone digital piece without the need for a two-way mirror. Viewer creates the form of a diamond through the refraction of their own image.

Working on new forms and display mechanisms


Pollen pigment

One of the key markers of mans impact on the hand will be mono-cultures of pollen in places in the world they shouldn't be, as a result of mass agriculture. I am developing a paint using pollen as pigment.

1. Development of pigment and binder to create stable material

2. Large scale paintings on paper of agricultural innovation

3. Monumental pollen frescoes - Painted / Screen printed



Pivot Irrigation

Pivot irrigation is a contemporary agricultural technique that allows farmers to create perfectly circular fields that can be up to 1km wide. Irrigation water can be sourced from ancient underwater lakes.

1. Google earth drawings - Giclee prints using mapping scales, celebrating the beautiful patterns created through pivot irrigation farming across the world. Initial prints from Libya, Saudi Arabia and Brazil.

2. Pivot Irrigation Oak Tree - Pivot irrigator drinking Michael Craig-Martins Oak tree.

3. Pivot irrigation painting machine - Large scale installation to create a painting machine, based on the engineering of Pivot irrigation.  Over days / weeks / months a painting would be created either as an edition or as a site specific work.


Morris & Co closing down sale

The closing down sale of Morris & Co was an event not to be missed for society members up and down the country - as evidenced by the drapes and curtains that now regale National Trust properties across the UK.

Looking back at the event now it feels particularly poignant as a cultural happening that represents the the final victory for industrial production techniques.  Science and the machine won.

Working with partners across multiple sites and events I will programme a series that commemorates and reflects on the event. Focus will be on 449 Oxford Street, which is now a tourist memorabilia shop.


Signs of Life (networked)

Taking Signs of Life to the next step - by creating a set of Fire exit and other signs within one space or building that are networked together, to allow pictograms to wonder the building visiting other 'signs' - returning to their own signs if disturbed.